to spend the Norway National Day back in my housemate’s hometown. She said I might even get to try on their national costumes!! yes!!

to travel with Mark and his family again next week.

to finish up my report and presentation *smile*

to finally meet up with zibin and edmund *more smiles*

and to be back in Ipoh for food glorious food. Thanks to all the ideas from ricky and since yian blogged about the list, here goes… my own fair share of the I-can’t-wait-to-have Ipoh food list…

1. curry mee from Sun Chuen Fong (near the balai polis in Yang Kalsom road) and Yat Yat Seng (Ipoh Garden) the curry is just right, not too hot for me

2. laksa and liew in Pasir Pinji, behind Tuck Kee – not the best laksa in the world but good enough. missing the ones in Perlis

3. beef noodles and meatballs from Tong Sui KaiI like the clear beef soup, slightly better than the one is old town.

4. look look in Ipoh Garden South the last time I had this was at my cousin’s pre-wedding night, my uncle hired the whole look look for the night! was so good… unlimited sticks all night long, hehe 😉

5. 2 plus 1 steamboat in Bercham just like the fact that I can pan fry as well, had my birthday celebration here last year 🙂

6. porridge steamboat at Stairway, Ipoh Garden or Farm House near Uncle Soon Chye’s place – haven’t tried the one at Farm House though.

7. satay celup (stall next to honda showroom near Elim, below Fairmont Hotel) – haven’t tried this either, heard it’s a little expensive but out of the norm food.

8. pan mee at Leong Sin Nam street my favourite! the soup is way too delicious… not to mention I am the special customer, the only one who always order “no vege, just the ikan bilis and shrimps” haha ;p the lady remembers me until now…

9. Ming Kok’s dimsum, or maybe Kao Lee’s nearer to my house and I love their prawn salad rolls ^_^

10. wat tan hor at Leong Sin Nam street have to wait for at least an hour though… but worth it 🙂 the only one in Ipoh, or maybe Malaysia that cooks the noodles WITH the sauce together instead of pouring the sauce over the fried hor fun.

11. prawn crackers from Pasar Malam on Wednesday night or from the old man in front of Public Bankmy favourite late night snack while watching TVB dramas 😉

12. K10 claypot rice and chicken feet the one in Bercham of course as it tastes better compared to the one in Ipoh Garden 😉 and I only eat chicken feet from K10 ;p

13. noodles and liew from Tai Ka Lok, Greentown – my typical breakfast or brunch

14. friend bihun from stadium yet another favourite breakfast of mine

15. pina colada from Juice Stationyummy yummy, fell in love with this drink ever since I first tried it

16. japanese food at Kizuna quality japanese food at a good price *after my dad’s discount card, of course*

17. burger, chee cheong fun, egg tarts and prawn cracker from Kampung Simee marketdon’t you ever think food from the market is not nice, try them!

18. and last but not least, grandma’s irreplaceable homemade dishes and yummy western deserts and my mom’s apple soup too ^_^

gosh, I am feeling REALLY hungry now… *saliva dripping* three more weeks, just three more weeks and I will be back to the food heaven 🙂